n a v i g a t e ---- a r o u n d



Assalamualaikum. .
hye, i am IntanAinin. im using BudakVanilla as my virtual name. i am 21 years old (2016) and have Dip Information Technology and Communication (Programming). i born on 3 march 1995 and live in sarawak.

why blog?
i started blogging in 2012. and i discover blog through curiosity. hahaha. i blogged in malay and english and pardon my grammars and i basically bad at it. hahahaa. as long as readers understand what im trying to convey. yeah, that it.

why BudakVanilla? 
i donno, it just popup in my head back then when i tried to find cool nickname when i start to blog. although sound childish, but it my image and i found myself unique *self-praise* hahahhahaha, im not using my real name, koz i find so many people with the same name as i am. so, BudakVanilla still my nickname in virtual world.

my style?
i love simple and rugged. 

my blog niche?
basically everything and every little thing about me and about things that i wanna share. it my blog anyway. hahahhaa. thanks for visiting my blog. :3

what i absolutely love
anime and kdrama, but between anime and kdrama of course i would choose ANIME!
art. between art and technology, i choose art. but i also love technology :3
reading is my hobbies.

i can be a real deceiving person.
so dont trust anyone. TRUST ALLAH

this blog exist since march 2012
nickname of the blog writer never change since then. 

"sejahat mana pun anggapan seorang insan terhadap insan yang lain, jika Allah hendak mengurniakan hidayah, dengan sekelip mata dia boleh berubah."

maafkan saya bagi pengunaan kata ganti nama 'aku' bagi yang lebih dewasa dari diri ini. :) i never meant to be rude or being impolite. sorry for everything.