the hope that lost

Thursday 21 November 2013

hari nie aku nak merapu dalam 'broken english' so abaikan kebrokenan tu dan fahami ya. kalau la korang pandai faham kan la. muahaha.

you see the title up there? the hope that lost (harapan yang hilang. cewah. muahaha). okay today i want to share with you about something la. something about myself that a bit crazy nowadays.

lost and found
i hope the HOPE that i been hope are found. *whatever mash potato*

end with THE HOPE THAT LOST. that title actually not the topic of the day.
they are just a few days before i start new sem at Politeknik Mukah Sarawak. really excited dooeee.
my roomate just like the old days. but not so old lah. just like before. just one of my roomate get out of our team. muahaha. :D not really. she just wanna have a new roomate which is her own coursemate. and our new roomate is one of business student and she is a senior. wooww, a senior in our room. so we must BEHAVE. and just be yourself. so end with ROOMATE THINGS!

i really really really miss... mmm.. just wanna knock my off head to the wall.
just check my result. and what i got. ALHAMDULILLAH. lulus. :3

ilal liqa' :)


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