Thursday, 19 November 2015

how to style long skirt in style

guys, today im gonna share something about fashion. i love fashion. one of my childhood ambition was to be a fashion designer. but i practically hate sewing, so i stop dreaming to fashion designer. hahahhaa. lets get started, i really love wearing maxi skirt or long skirts, because it make me feel like the most 'ayu-looking' girl in the world. hahahahhaa. how to style long skirt in style, like my topic, nowadays, muslimah can always be fashionable while covering theirs aurah. it is not a crime to be fashionable muslimah, as long ur clothes following the syariat right?

it cannot be denied that creating your own fashion look is an exciting experience. It allows you to wear something that represents your true style to others around you. one of the many clothing that is a must-have for every woman to own is the lovely long skirt. long skirt fashion has been rocking since a few years back and woman have pulled together various fashion outfits according to their style. For the ladies who have no idea how to style the long skirt in style, check out these look ideas for women. scan through the wide range of maxi skirt designs and pick a style which shows off your personality.

elegant style maxi skirt

1. Elegant Charm
Match your long skirts with a nice blouse and step out feeling confident as ever. This look is perfect for ladies of all ages who want a mature appearance while still maintaining their elegant charm.Style this look everywhere you go and impress others with your amazing fashion appearance. Flaunt your elegant appearance to various occasions in style and limited your clothes color. match them with pattern hijab. 

casual style maxi skirt

2. Casual Chic
For the ladies who want a casual touch, the long skirts are perfect to be worn with a t-shirt. However, the tip is to wear a simple tee with cardigan for a complete balanced look. You can always perk up the outfit by accessorizing it with statement sling bags for chic touch and and flat shoes for casual looks. can be match up with plain or minimal pattern hijab. 

formal style maxi skirt

3. Formal Sophisticated
The long skirts are a versatile piece of clothing for any women to add into their closet at home. It can be worn as your formal wear and still appears stylish to wear at the office or even formal events. By simply matching the maxi skirt with a tucked in shirt, it definitely gives you that professional yet lady like appeal. match pattern skirt with plain shirt and pattern shirt with plain colour of skirt. 

hipster style maxi skirt

4. Stylish Hipster
Muslimah still can be fashionable and get some hipster style. Use graphic tees and the check box shirt as outerwear and unbutton the shirt to make it looks more hipster, of course skirts can always match hipster style in such a good way, so wear plain color of skirts, also wear converse and suitable bags for more appealing hipster looks.


my super tips in mix match fashion is, don't use too many different color, 2-3 colors is okay. :) i consider, blue, dark blue, light blue as one color. i love the balanced looks, even sometimes you can also be different by using many color.

see, we can still be fashionable while covering the aurah right?
so, which one is your favorite styles girls?
can i be a fashion advisor now? hahahaha.
i love this kind of things. seriously. :D

ilal liqa'


  1. Replies
    1. wahhh, stail tu. :D
      kalau BV pun lebih suka casual n rugged sikit :3

  2. Replies
    1. kan. boleh la try mana2 stail yang berkenan :D

  3. Suka skirt dari fabric jeans, cargo sbb senang dipadankan dgn sneakers/boots. Kalau skirt jenis 'ayu' sikit, jenis fabric lembut tu utk special occassion, haha whch is very very rare :3

    1. nice one. betol tu. :D selalunya skirt jenis jeans, cargo selesa :D
      kenapa rare pulak dah? XD

  4. saya selalu fashion yg nombor 4 tu, tpi kengkadang pakai nombor 2, sbb kalau pakai t-shirt ngan seluar nmpk singkatlah pulak. so nak cover, pakailah skirt xD
    nice entry!

    1. kannn. BV pun slalu pakai fashion no 4, tapi pakai cardigan lah. sama je sebab kita nak pakai skirt. hahahhaa XD

  5. Paling suka pakai skirt panjang and sneakers. hehehe

    1. kannn, entah kenapa selesa sangat bila pakai sneakers :D

  6. Replies
    1. thanks. :D
      memang best sebab boleh je pakai bila gi kerja atau kuliah :)

  7. trend sekarang walau pakai skirt labuh pun boleh bergaya memacam kann. tak macam dolu2. sekarang banyak choicee hihi

    1. yuppp!
      sekarang cantik2 skirts dan macam2 pilihan. :D

  8. kmk ada duak tiga igek maxi skirt tok. tp kmk sik pande nak bepesen. hahah. mun pake skirt kelak alu dipadah buang tabiat oleh sidak rumah hahaha

    1. kmk pun banyak maxi skirt juak, tapi yalahtek, pakey bila gi kelas jak. hahhahaa. pakey jak ya, boh lalek. hahhaha XD

  9. Akak tak pakai skirt hahaha. Teringin nak pakai tapi pasal akak gemuk dan bila akak pakai skirt nampak lagi gemuk, akak batalkan je niat berangan nak pakai skirt tu.

    1. lain orang lain citarasa, dulu BV pun takberapa suka pakai skirts, tapi sekarang rajin pulak pakai skirt. boleh je cari skirt yang sesuai kak. :)

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    No compulsion if you do not want to do it ya. Tiada paksaan :) This is just for fun!


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