Lazada 11.11 Blogger Contest | 11.11 Shopping Festival WISHLIST

Saturday 10 November 2018

LAZADA being LAZADA, they come back with another special contest for blogger!! say yeah, yeahhh! okay, I'm a bit excited because I'm actually waiting for this biggest sale in November especially on Lazada because I want to spend all my money. ok jk.  

assalamualaikum and peace upon you!
FYI, online shoppers need to know this! 
BIGGEST SALES on LAZADA that you should not miss!
11.11 Shopping Festival that will take place on 11 November 2018 on Lazada Malaysia. 

please get ready with your carts, budget and stuff, some tea or snacks while scrolling through the website or apps to ease yourself and PUT EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO THE CART and CHECKOUT peacefully. okay, that's a bit exaggerated but that what I actually wish to experience. lol

so, as you can read on the title of this post, I am joining Lazada 11.11 Blogger contest because WHY NOT and I am excited about everything. 

What 3 products (or more) are you adding to your cart to buy during Lazada 11.11 Shopping Festival? Share your wishlist with us! 


1. Takoyaki Grill Pan 

Takoyaki Grill Pan 

all these TAKOYAKI but I want to make it by myself because I love takoyaki so much and spend so much to buy the ready-made, so why not i make it myself then I can eat anytime I want. Found the one I want on Lazada and most of the ingredient for takoyaki also can be found on Lazada. convenient much. 

2. Wireless Bluetooth Headphone 

Wireless Bluetooth Headphone 

all these earphones but I need new headphone because I love music, I need the 'bass' feeling on the headphone plus it is bluetooth, wireless aka TANGLED FREE! this one is exactly the one I want, white greyish colour and cool looking. updating blog while using this headphone perghhh. excited.

3. Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jacket

all these jackets, but I need a new style. I love to mix and match and I really love outerwear because it is easy to wear and can match with almost everything. burgundy is my favourite colour and I really want a comfy bomber jacket to wear and I found this on Lazada, it looks cool and pretty!

4. Canon Eos M100 Mirrorless Camera

Canon M100 mirrorless camera

all these cameras but I need a REAL camera. I love taking photos and videos because I am a 'nostalgic' kind of person? I like reminiscing while watching/looking at photos and videos. it is amazing how moments can be 'freeze' in pictures and videos. so, I really need a camera to take a better quality of photos/videos at special moments. :)


that is all for now. I really want to win some vouchers (for creativity? hahahaha I don't know if this kind of gif. pictures are creative but it is interesting to look at HAHAHHAHAHA). hope I can shop like crazy on Lazada. hoho

blogger? come join lai lai. 
end on 11 November. fast!

sekian, ilal liqa'
see ya when i see ya!


  1. Semoga berjaya..selamat membeli belah di lazada sales 11.11 nanti

  2. Okay, I admit that this is creative post ever. Hehe. I hope you will win this category ☺

    Good luck, bv.

    Syaza |

  3. Wow kretippp... ada chance nak menang ni, all the best~ :D

  4. Kreatifnya post ni hrp menang contest lazada πŸ˜‰

  5. Ala comelnya. Hehe. All the best. I have bomber jacket in wine as well. We do have similar taste, because of March ke. Lol

  6. Ala comelnya. Hehe. All the best. I have bomber jacket in wine as well. We do have similar taste, because of March ke. Lol

  7. So creative, BV! Good luck. I hope you'll win :D

  8. wireless headphones tu ohsem dan menarik..

  9. Wah! kreatif habis, good luck!


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