10 things i love to do

Tuesday 17 March 2015

wohohoho. gonna tell y'alls a little bit about me.

1. reading
reading brings me to another world. i can make sounds and scenes in my head tho. hahaha.

2. watching animes/kdramas/movies
another way to escape the world. hahaha. the world have a LOT of dramas too! hahaha. if u know what i mean lah. 

3. shopping for stationery
i am a STATIONERY addict. i spend most of my money on cute stationery instead of food. i got excited whenever go in bookstores or a shop with stationery area. hahahah. 

4. singing
actually i love singing although my voice are like a frog asking for rain drops. hahahhaa. i love singing korean/japanese songs. mainly because of drama and anime :3

5. sleeping
i love sleeping more than eating. yeah. that its. because i am a thinker and my brain need some rest. LOL. hahahhaa

6. social networking
everybody loves do this. trust me. dont lie. 

7. dreaming
8. eating
9. bathing
10. good thing

done. hahahhaa. give me ONE WORD. and i'll make a blog post with THAT word as tittle. know what i mean? comments. hehe :3

ilal liqa'


  1. Kita pun minat nyanyi even suara ala ala katak je.hahahahH

    1. sama je kita. hahhaa. takkesah org kata pun. XD

  2. Replies
    1. BV pun suka. :D
      apatah lagi kalau makanan yg sedap2 kan. :3

  3. yang ketiga tu mmng sama hahaha. going crazy in a bookstore.

    1. u too? hahaha.
      memang bersinar2 mata bila pergi bookstore. :3

  4. haha. EH. one word for your post tittle ^^ ? KUAT.


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