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Saturday 22 October 2016

ohhhh my. recently i have an chance to try Japan Fun Box. yeaahhh. it is a really good chance since i really in love with japanese culture, snack, foods and so on. thanks a lot to Japan Fun Box! really excited to try. 

Japan Fun Box is a monthly subscription box that contains japanese candies and snacks. shipped directly from Japan.jyeahhh, no need to go to japan just to get japanese candies and snacks.

Japanese Candy & Snack Box - Japan Funbox

there are certain snacks/candy that i can't eat. so i just keep it to myself and maybe save later for a friend. 

so this box arrived directly from Japan, even the box cracked a bit but all the items inside are safe. so don't worry. 

i got mini box. so there have 6 japanese snack and candy. quite a lot :D there you go the list of snacks and candies that i got.  

Pretz Tomato Taste
it taste great, a lil bit sour and crunchy. totally love it. need to buy this again :D 

Pizza Chips
look like a pizza tasted potato chips. and amazingly there a cheese with the chips. should taste great right? wow, pizza chips really famous around the world but sadly, this pizza chips only can be found in japan. so u need to get the Japan Candy Box to taste this great Pizza Chips. :3

Whistle Candy : Plain Flavour
yes you can play with this candy. put between your lips and blow, it do whistle! and there a toy in the box. by the way this candy is so popular in japan as it a classic japanese candy. the best things is, i do watched anime Dagashi Kashi, and there a story about this candy. :3

Delicious Moist Strawberry
finally the strawberry flavour snacks. love it. the snack is a crispy and filled with strawberry tasted paste(?). i really love the snack. the strawberry flavour and corn snack are just the right combination! really good to eat this snacks while watching some anime. :D

Kiss Mint
a gum. a orange flavour gum. i love the packaging, the orange gum smell so good and totally like a real orange juice. it do taste refreshing and maybe will be good to chew before kiss? hahahhahaha. joke2. 

Kajiriccho : Grape and Soda
Now more delicious with more fruit juice, this is a 2-layer type soft candy that you can eat by taking a bite out of the whole candy. A cool soda flavor is wrapped with a popular grape-flavored candy. the packaging so cute. taste like grape and soda. 

subscription box that you can choose. best things is, FREE SHIPPING worldwide! so get your japan fun box now!

it is a really nice candies and snacks box! wish to get more soon. hahahhaha
i wish i could make a trip to Japan soon!
ja matta ne~


  1. Wah, bestnya!!!! Tak pergi sana pun dapat rasa snack japan :)

    1. memang best. entah bila boleh jejak japan nie. heheheh :D

  2. wow, nampak sedao je snack2 dia tp sy tengah puasa dr makan snack2 skrg. hehe.
    btw camna awak buat emoji cute gerak2 tu? harap boleh kongsi juge =)

    1. memang sedap. :D bagusnya dapat puasa dari makan snack2 :)
      oh, tu gambar je sebenarnya. sy download emoji tu dan upload je macam biasa kan entry nie :)

    2. ohh terimakasih awak. =)

  3. Replies
    1. ada yg tak halal. kena check dulu ingredient dia. so, BV mkn yg vegetarian blh mkn je :)

  4. Comel je makanan jepun. mesti best kan kalau dapat pergi jepun.

    1. kan. memang comel je packaging dia. :D harap la boleh jejak jepun suatu hari nanti :)

  5. Bestnya dapat rasa snack Japan

    1. memang best. kalau jejak jepun mesti lagi best :D

  6. yg pretz tu saya pernah makan perisa pizza, sedap! cuma tak puas sbb sikit sangat, huhu
    japanese snacks semua comel2 sangattt

    1. sy pun pernah makan tu :D heheheh. betul2 suka dengan japanese snacks sebab comel2 belaka :D

  7. I wannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnt some!

  8. huwaa dapnyaaaaa rasa mcam nak jugak pulak XD


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