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Saturday 6 May 2017

i always love this kind of tagged things. its make me know myself and others better. i really enjoyed answering all your questions. tag me more in this tag game please. hahahhaha just kidding. 

a good chance to know each other and be part of the blogging community. -anonymous


1. Thank the person who tagged you - Thank you FARAHZ, Fatina Mudz, Fairuz Aqilah (whoa geng F yang tag, i'm honored. hehehe)

2. Answer their 11 questions (done)

3. Tag 11 people (i'm sorry, i donno who to tag, so many blogger i knew been tagged alreadyyyyy)

4. Give them 11 questions to answer (sorry, i don't have any idea to create questions, i guess i'm gettin' old)


1. What was the last song you listen to? Describe about it.
this song is about the girl who needs her love since she is bored, lonely, alone and she feels that eating pizza is sucked without her love one. 
don't really feel like going out in the city,
or on the Net where everyone's tryin to look pretty,
cause i ain't got no time to impress,
to try and live up to anyone's stupid interest - pizza by OOHYO -

2. What kind of music do you prefer to listen when you're driving?
my mom ALWAYS listening to ayat2 suci al quran when i'm driving. so, i think my driving style depend on the music that i'm listening to, hahhaha

3. What is your favorite band?
Sekai No Owari (The End of the World), RADWIMPS

4. Do you prefer cheap but delicious food at mamak/warung or expensive and delicious food at hipster/famous cafe?
as long as it is BERBALOI, clean, good environment, nice air and such. 

5. What is the thing that you're good at?
laying around? 

6. If you have to choose between friends and lover, which one would you prefer?
friends - ENDS
lover - OVER
i prefer myself. hahahhaa narcissist.

7. How would you describe yourself?
colorful minds, silents, bottled up, timed-bomb

8. Do you really love what you are doing now? (Study/job/etc)
i really wish i have something to do now (study/job/etc)

9. When did you start blogging?
march 2012

10. Why did you start blogging?
curiosity kill the cats. (i hate this 'saying')
blogs didn't kill me, its heal me. awwwww~

11. What do you love the most about your blog?


1. Between baking and cooking, which one do you prefer?
cooking, because baking takes a long time(?)

2. Do you enjoy cooking?
yes, i wish i have my own kitchen where i can do experiment with foods. 

3. What time do you usually wake up in the morning to get ready to work?
i don't work but usually wake up on 6 am to send my siblings to school.

4. Beside your family/husband/wife/children, share 5 things you cannot live without.
- guide (al - quran)
- foods / drinks
- gadgets (laptops / phone )
- water to clean
- hmmmmm electricity?

5. Which book genre do you enjoy to read?
mystery, thriller, fantasy, anything that can make my imagination goes wild. hahahhahaa

6. Do you have a crush on fictional characters?
yassss! hahhahaha. 

7. Can you share your most and least favourite books (if you are not into books, you can share on movie/drama)?
some typical malays novel that i enjoyed reading but TOO PREDICTABLE,

8. Have you ever experience anything supernatural?
ummm, no? yes? i don't know.

9. What kind of animals have you kept as your pets?
cats, birds, fishes, sloth (ongkang), tortoises, mouses (not RATS yaaa), 

10. If you been given a chance to travel into a new dimensions, would you take that chance?
of course, fantasy lover here!

11. What would like to tell your another version from another dimensions?


1) If you are stranded on an uninhabited island with nothing, what is the first thing you do?
trying to get help and pray no predator are on the island. 

2) Which one is more important for you, wristwatch or sunglasses?
wristwatch. need to watch time. time is precious you know. 

3) What is one of the phobias that you have? Explain briefly.
phobia of heights, maybe lah. because of my legs trembles so bad on high places. hahahhaha

4) How often you change your bed sheet?
one time in two months.

5) What is the last letter in your name? Create one word using the letter.
BUDAKVANILLA - A - am i cute? hahahahhaha sorry~ no idea.

6) Mind to share with me some of your personal fitness tips?
sleep well. get enough rest. 

7) What is the most unforgettable childhood memory of yours?
hmm. on a trip with families on ramadhan, OTW to the village to celebrate Hari Raya together with big family members. 

8) How do you manage your stress?
watching some LAUGHABLE shows.

9) What was your first impression of me?
friendly blogger, cute. hehehee

10) To be honest, what do you think of my blog?
a really nice blog that fits your personality. <3

11) Do you have any advice and/or recommendation to improve my blog to be better?
nothing, i loved your posts and blog, everything suits you. :)

thanks for tagging πŸ’“

SO, do you have SAME ANSWERS as mine if you're been given these questions and which?

see ya when i see ya lah
ilal liqa'


  1. oh come onnnnnnnn "HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDEEEEEE!"? That's gems. Hahahahaha. I'm in love with a fictional character as well and count me in into fantasy journey! You're answer were so concise and the funny ones are so uncalled for. Love your take for this tag. If you are free, check mine too!

  2. guna filter apa? gmbr smua lawa ^^

    1. rasanya kak BV guna preset dekat vsco jer

  3. Thank youuuuu, bv yang comellll sebab jawab all of my questions! I really appreciate it. Nak tidur dah, nanite... πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

  4. pergh banyaknya soalan! dah macam soalan trivia dalam majalah bintang kecil! hehehehhe

  5. Ramai buat tag ni so dah ramai ditag, haha, boleh tahan tag ni. Ramai tag BV tu kena jawab jugakk tu hehehe..

  6. aww suka ayat ni "blogs didn't kill me, its heal me"

    samala BV, saya pun berharap sgt sekarang ni ada benda yg boleh dibuat (kerjalah terutamanya) dah sebulan menganggur kat rumah ni TT

  7. That decision of between friends or lover cracks me up.. Never thought of that answer before.. haha

  8. hahaha i prefer baking bcs cooking takes longer time (especially part potong bawang, sayur)

  9. crush on fictional character?? yezzz of course I do, I ve.. hahahah

  10. Hello from the other side? Okay! That's cute!!! πŸ˜„

    Thank you, BV sudi jawab soalan Fatina! 😊

  11. I know right. I used to like this type of 'game', especially when I don't have any ideas what to write.

  12. "Am I cute?" Hehe. Comel tau BV =)


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