awesome semester part 1

Tuesday 8 July 2014

let broken the english. hahaha. hye fellas, today i gonna type this entry in english, as u guys know that my english quite bad enough as u saw just a few of my entry were in english. it just a few weeks i start a new semester. now i am in the third semester. yeeeyy, iam a senior. haahaha. a little senior i guess. since i write an entry in english. i just wanna share what we were doing in communicative english 2 class. we have been given some tasks and for the this whole week, what we do were PRESENTATION. when it come to presentation, it quite a bit disappointing for me because my pronunciation quite bad and when i answering a question given by lecturer, i just add an LAH at behind of my word. hahaha. typical malay i think. for the example "then you can enjoy the view LAHHHH" seeeee, how i 'rojaking' my word.

actually after doing some presentation, we could actually be more ....... i just lost some word there. i guess the perfect words would be.... more confident to speak in public. yeahhh. right. maybe at first after the all eyes of the audience just looking at you and waiting for words come from your mouth, you might feels nervous, anxiety or something else that make you sweating a lot. i think it was a good way to make you feel confident. after doing a good presentation, or after answering a question confidently, you may feel satisfied with your own abilities. then you want to make it better in future. okay, lets take this in positive way.

last night i called my mum. she said that my little sisters and brother knows how to make TEH C PENG SPECIAL themselves and they did learn that from youtube. waihaaa. lihai maaa~ they bought that black things, i donno. maybe that black layer i guess. so no need to buy that teh c peng special again. just make it at home. i quite jealous T^T. mummmmm, i wanna go home. hahaha.  :3

ilal liqa'


  1. Nice entry. By the way, the Teh C Peng Special reminisce me to someone, before we left for Ramadhan. :)

  2. wahh dah jadi senior.
    farah pun kadang-kadang suka letak 'lah' kat hujung ayat, hehe. xD

  3. Not bad lah english. :) Nampak sedapje air tu puasa2 ni. Hehe


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