Wednesday 17 February 2016

gonna share about 25 things rhat make me happy. thanks for syasandeul and kak hanis and also farahiz for tagging! yeahhhh~ together we spread positive vibes and lets dance, ehhh~

First thing first, let's get into the rules:
  1. Create a new post + Insert the theme picture above
  2. List 25 things that make you happy most of the time (it can be in any language that you want)
  3. Mention the blog that have tagged you (of course it can be more than a blog)
  4. Tag at least 5 bloggers & make sure they know they've been tagged!
  5. You can also share your favourite quote of the week! (if none, then it'll be okay)

25 things that make BV happy :D
  1. spend time with families
  2. holidays
  3. class cancel
  4. no assignment day
  5. anime marathon (watching entire season in 1 day, HAHAHHA)
  6. get a good sleep
  7. editing pictures *pictures that i took*
  8. eating a nice foods
  9. reading a quote that can boost my spirit
  10. take a nap more than 30 minutes *HAHHAHAHAHA
  11. anime/kdrama/books that can make me smile and laugh a lot
  12. cloudy day *no sun, but not rainy
  13. sky full of stars in the night
  14. kittens
  15. nature
  16. good showers
  17. having a me time
  18. meet anybody that have same sense of music as me
  19. meet anybody who loves anime as much as i do
  20. new knowledge
  21. decorate something (room/desk/card/book/etc)
  22. anybody who knows little things about me
  23. watching/reading something religious
  24. new things (clothes, books etc)
  25. my blog's readers
actually, there are SO SO soooooo many things that could make me happy! seriously, siapa la yang taksuka happpy2 nie kan? hehehe. 

BARAKAMON, this slice of life anime make me smile a lot. hahahaha. story plot dia simple je dan sesuai la bagi yang taknak anime yang berat2. hahahaha. so, aku recommendkan kepada sesiapa yang suka anime yang simple2 with no romance, but about friendship, families and life :) *hahaha sempat pulak review sekejap.

i just realize that i tend to like anime's characters which guy with dark hair. :)
macam seishuu handa (barakamon), kou (ao haru ride), rin okumura (ao no exorcist), oreki houtarou (hyouka), gray(fairy tail) and more! hahahhaa :3 *okay takdak kaitan HAHAHHAHA

jadi TO SPREAD LOVE AND THE POSITIVE VIBES! im tagging these amazing bloggers!

*anyone yang tak di tag tapi nak buat, feel free to write about these 25 things. :)

sekian, ilal liqa'


  1. Blog readers? Wah, terasalaa. Hihi :D

  2. i really love to eat. hehee :)

  3. aaaahh rsa mok ngga jak anime ya. hahaha tapi exam tinggal dalam berapa minggu jak agik T_T

    1. eh jangan, habis exam baruk nangga ya. hehehhee

  4. spent time with family and holidayyy xD

  5. Minat betul dia dengan anime :)

  6. hmm, fikir fikir rasanya ada 5 je things tht make me happy, ehehehehh :3

  7. spend time with families :')
    of course. hehe.

    sky full of stars in the night!!!!!!! but sadly....
    in gombak or idk kl got not much stars u know :(
    it breaks my heart.. hm

    1. betul2.
      kat tempat BV pun susah jugak tengok. unless blackout seluruh kawasan. hahahhaa. :D

  8. OMG akak pun suka watak yg rambut hitam haha tapi kadang kadang suka jugak yg blonde/white hair :p

    1. OMG! sama la kita, ada certain anime yg rambut warna lain2 je BV minat :D


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