4 Reasons Why Malaysia Is a Perfect Home Base

Thursday 4 August 2016

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If you travel a lot, it’s much easier to have a home base than it is to bounce from hotel to hotel or try to find consistently affordable accommodations. Even if you have a big budget, not taking advantage of the real estate market that currently exists in Malaysia is a big mistake. While that doesn’t mean you have to outright purchase property, there are lots of perks to renting Malay real estate, and choosing the country as your home base. Here are four reasons why Malaysia is the perfect country in which to rent property.

1. Government Crackdowns on Temporary Lodgings
If you’ve heard of websites that allow short term stays for visitors, exercise caution. According to Asia One, there have been many complaints from the hotel industry that short-term stay websites where vacationers can book very short stays are eating into business, prompting the government to potentially intervene. However, a workaround for this problem is simply being on the up and up and renting a property outright. While this may not work for people who are only traveling to the country once per year or less, if you’re a frequent traveler who’s consistently seeking lodgings in Malaysia, renting a home is a wise choice.

2. Ease of Access
One of Malaysia’s biggest perks is that it’s easy not only to get around the country itself, but also to get to other countries and cities no matter where you are. If you search PropertyGuru Malaysia for house for rent in Petaling Jaya, you’ll find many desirable options in this smaller township. Originally designed to be close to Kuala Lumpur, the region has become a city all in its own right, with many residents settling there for the food, entertainment, and community. With an abundance of high speed rail options, international airports, and a manageable size, Malaysia is definitely a country for the traveler who wants to experience much.

One thing for which the place is famous is the food. For every few meters you can walk, in the cities, there’s a restaurant boasting all types of specials and new experiences for the palette. Malaysia is a wonderful place for foodies. Between the sit down eateries and informal street carts offering up standard fare, the food options are unique.

3. When a Rental is Right for You
If you classify yourself as someone who travels frequently enough to consider either renting or purchasing a home in another country, then it can definitely be a toss-up to decide which one is better financially. Property Wire advises that one of the best reasons for renting a property, rather than buying, is if you move frequently. This might be because you’re a traveler trying to see the world, or maybe you’re simply working in Malaysia without any intention of putting down roots yet. There are many reasons for being somewhat nomadic, whether it’s work or personal desire, but if that’s the case, then renting is definitely the best way to go. This not only can help you figure out exactly where you enjoy residing the most, but also provide flexibility if you have a busy work schedule. You may also be a traveler who’s trying to enjoy all of what the region has to offer, in which case, renting is definitely the right way to go.

Another excellent reason that a rental may be preferable to a hotel, but less commitment than owning property, is that you have all the comforts of home waiting for you. When you rent, you can decorate as you choose, and have an entire kitchen, bathroom, and other amenities at your disposal. There’s no issue of temporary night to night stays if you’re dealing with a rented property.

4. What Malaysia Has to Offer
Two of the biggest draws to Malaysia is the fact that it’s a gateway to other nearby Asian countries, but that it also boasts a fascinating multi-cultural community and amazing culinary delights. While every country has its own allure, this one is special in the fact that it’s not only modern yet affordable, but also has a true wide ranging assortment of types of entertainment. When you’ll get skyscrapers and designer malls in Singapore, or beautiful townships in India, Malaysia offers the best of all these worlds. You can easily find a property to rent that is located within a township or community that offers all the amenities you could ever want. Whether you’re searching for a house, a condo, or an apartment, there are many different options from which to choose in Malaysia.

Malaysia is one of the most beautiful countries in Asia to visit and live. It offers all the allure of island residence while still maintaining modern, state of the art amenities. You won’t be hard pressed to find high speed Internet, business meeting places, or cosmopolitan venues of entertainment. Whether you’re looking for the flashy, fly by the seat of your pants experience, or something more low key, there’s definitely an activity and place for everyone. 



  1. Tq sharing this and i am agree too with this article . Because I've also had read about " Malaysia is chose by foreigner a good country to settle down - retirement " ... Sebab tue ramai je foreigner expatriate beli rumah di malaysia . Hihihi... Info yg vanilla share maybe part of the reason expatriate choose Malaysia . =)

    1. yes. betul tu. im just sharing this :D
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  3. If foreigners want to buy properties, I think it depends on which state in Malaysia right? I heard some states do not allow other than their people to buy land etc - Kelantan, Sarawak. I might be wrong :) :)


    1. right. some of state taknak jual tanah dorang ngan foreigners. :)
      i just learn that. thanksss :3

  4. yah Malaysia is nice! thank you sis for the info.


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