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Sunday 5 November 2017

to conclude my month, i think i need to write something like this because of hmm, just because? hahahhaa. i started this monthly summary from January 2017 and gladly its reaches to the 10th posts without a miss! thinking about how lazy i am, this is quite an achievement. give me some claps!! woohoo!

assalamualaikum and peace upon you!

i don't have any special event happen in October. to be honest, my life quite dull. trying hard to make myself believe that i live every moment doing good things even though i really doing nothing special. confuse? me too. can't believe how optimist i am these days.

i got some cancelled plans, some regrets and some disappointments that i don't want to share here. yeah, life must go on~ pats myself on the shoulders, you've already done a good job. (or maybe you can do better, you suck now and need to improve yourself so you don't disappoint yourself in the future.)

okay, let's move to the next things. my favourites things for OCTOBER! this post will full of gif. images because i so rajin to make them. LOL. 

mahoutsukai no yomekekkai sensen beyond
inuyashikiblack clover

anime are my drugs. so this is some fall 2017 anime that i currently following the updates. 

mahoutsukai no yome (action, magic, supernatural, romance) | actually i discover this anime accidentally(or magically) from 3 episodes of OVA and i want MORE. i almost can't believe in the next days after, they released EPISODE 1!! then, i realised they are based on the manga! and i really wanna read that manga, but i hold my 'desperation' from reading the manga, because of the anime are sooooooo beautiful and i don't want spoilers.

kekkai sensen beyond (action, shounen, supernatural, comedy, sci-fi) | this is the second season of kekkai sensen, but i like how each episode has different stories and escalated quickly. LOL. 

inuyashiki (action, sci-fi, shounen, psychological) | long time no watch anime with a psychological genre. and the main character is ojisan (old-man) and been 'technified-human-robot', can that ojisan save the world from a crazy young guy that also become 'human-robot' that go around killing innocent people? let's see. 

black clover (action, magic, shounen, comedy, adventure) | i really excited for this anime. anime that make you wanna cheer for the main character. Asta is a young guy without magic in a world full of magic. while everyone has magic, he doesn't, but he still wants to be Wizard King and Yuno is his rival, childhood friend with powerful magic that also wants to be Wizard King. which of them will become Wizard King?! I'm excited!! akiramenai no ga ore no mahou da!!

shokugeki no soma season 3 (cooking, action, comedy) | every food in this anime looks so tasty with some over-action-in-cooking and extra-looking-food-eaters. beat them all Soma!! hahhahaha

hoozuki no reitetsu season 2 | anime about the daily life of a demon in hell. and it is funny as hell. hhahahhaa and hoozuki-sama is savageeeee!

umaru s2 and more to watch, okay enough with anime. for those who don't even watch anime, I'm sorry. i just can't help myself. hahahhaha

my jam. i really wanna do some full post review. but I'm tooooo lazy to write my own opinions.

The King's Case Note (Korean)
i like the King (because he is chef-nim from Pasta kdrama) and his voice sounds so attractive in this movie. with some comedic scenes, actions and twist, i kinda like this movie.

A clever King and his brilliant chronicle keeper hunt for the truth behind a crime that threatens the throne and the stability of the country.

Today Kira-kun (Japanese)
based on manga, i don't read the manga so this movie quite good la for me. just some sad scenes that failed to make me cried. the drama quite good too. 

Ninon Okamura is a high school student who doesn't have any friends at school and likes to walk around with a parrot on her shoulder. Other students think the parrot is a stuffed animal, but it is a real parrot. Meanwhile, Yuiji Kira is Ninon’s classmate. He enjoys his school days harassing other students and dating various girls, but his secret is that he is terminally ill. Though they live next door, the two never talked to each other at school. Ninon learns from her parents that Yuiji only has a year to live. One day, Yuiji tells her that he doesn't want to be alone and to die, so Ninon promises that she will be by his side until the end.

ReLife (Japanese)
i watched anime, read the manga, so this live-action movie makes me happy. hahhahaha. even though there are some improvises scenes, different from manga/anime, but I'm okay with it. i love how the school's uniform looks exactly the same with manga and anime.

Arata Kaizaki is 27-years-old and unemployed. He quit his prior job after working for the company for 3 months. Arata decides to take part in a research program. He takes medication that makes him look younger and he is to attend high school for a year. There, he falls in love with female high school student Chizuru Hishiro.

okay, that's all about asian movies. actually, i have more, but let's save it for the next post. hahhahahha. 

i need music and in October I'm digging good MV of some bands that i like to listen to on youtube. 

Brother by Kodaline
this song ALMOST makes me, choke on my own tears (but actually i didn't cry, just some weird feeling stuck in my oesophagus or my trachea or it just my heart). how come the MV so sad.

We've taken different paths and traveled different roads
I know we'll always end up on the same one when we're old
And when you're in the trenches and you're under fire I will cover you
If I was dying on my knees
You would be the one to rescue me
And if you were drowned at sea
I'd give you my lungs so you could breathe
i would do that too.


and i really shocked with the news of Kim Joo Hyuk. i genuinely sad. i never felt this way before, if any celebrity i know died. i am really sad. i can't believe it. i really don't want to believe it. but that's the truth. dying and living are the essences of life. i knew him from 2days1night season 3, Korean variety shows that make me laugh when i am sad, and i like every member. it makes me even sadder when i remembered his future plan, how he wants to get married at the end of this year. hmm.


time flies so fast,

so, how your October?? good enough?
any good movies to share? 

see ya when i see ya lah
ilal liqa'


  1. My October was.... horrible because I have my final on that month. But I have one movie, well if you are a Romance genre fan, I suggest you to watch "The Notebook" . Havva try!

    1. hahahha hope u done great. :D thanksssss for ur recommendation, will try to watch soon :D

  2. Anime also my drugs too hehe

    1. Mine as well, right after good coffee :D

      *sorry menyampuk... X3

  3. I was utterly shocked and sad too when I first read about Kim Joo Hyuk's passing away :(

  4. kan! lagu kodaline tu besttt, mv dia pun sedih :(

    saya tak tengok sangat 2days 1 night tu, tpi still sedih bila kim joo hyuk tu eksiden..dahla dia nak kawen sepatutnya.. kesian kat tunang dia :(

    1. sedihh tengok mv dia T^T

      yup, masih rasa sedih jugak bila ingat pasal tu kan. T^T

  5. i am so sad cuz i couldn't keep up with my fav anime. and even the latest animes. me is sadddddd... been to busy lately. so where do u usually watch all the animes?

    1. don't be sad, u can watch anime on ur free time. mostly i watch them on gogoanime or kissanime website. :)

  6. Claps to BV! Yeayy!! :D Bagusnya BV. Siqah masih tak buat August till October Wrap Up. Gila pemalas tak? Haha.

    Tengok anime mengingatkan Siqah tak tengok lagi anime Koe No Katashi (entah betul ke tak ejanya tu). Siqah baca dah manga nya.

    Sedih bila tahu pasal Kim Joo Hyuk. Tak disangka T_T

    1. susah jugak nak buat wrap up banyak2 kan. hahahhaha, tapi Siqah rajin update blog :D

      boleh la tengok bila2 masa sebab banyak website dah ada link :3

      kannn, masih sedih bila fikir balik T^T

  7. we all know kim joohyuk was a kind of man with pure heart whom everyone loved, thus his death makes us sad even when we don't know him personally :-(

  8. Omaigashhh I'm currently following Inuyashiki, Black Clover and Shokugeki no Souma (3rd season)! Yaah, nice taste you got there gurl (thumbs up) ;3


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