THE FACESHOP Outlet in Wisma Sanyan Sibu

Tuesday 3 April 2018

on 31st March 2018 Saturday 10am, the grand opening of The Face Shop new outlet in Wisma Sanyan Sibu Sarawak. for those who don't know, The Face Shop is one of the famous Korean skincare and makeup brand. The Faceshop is a familiar brand for kbeauty lover, right?

assalamualaikum and peace upon you~

i really feel excited to hear The Face Shop outlet will be available in Sibu and guess what, i had a chance to attend the grand opening of The Faceshop new outlet! yayyyy! so, let's proceed reading. 

view from the inside

when talking about interior design, i always love the minimalistic design especially involving white as the main colour and yes, The Face Shop outlet interior design really make the white as the main colours of the background including the shelves and this makes the displays of the products stand out even more. plus, i also like the way they categorize the products, lips, eyes, face, cleansing into different shelves and aisle, so it is easy to find what product do you want. 

view from the main door

friendly staff, they have friendly staff who ready to help you with anything regarding any of The Face Shop's products so you can ask for their opinions and ideas. 

new products launch. The Face Shop Dr. Belmeur Advances Cica Recovery Solution

HOT ITEM! loving the display :D

the makeup for eyes, my sister trying out some new testers as she is the bigger makeup lover, more than me, myself. 

cleansing! cleansing foam, cleansing oil, cleansing tissues and more

theirs mask sheets are quite affordable and have so many types. for example, for hydration, pores, brightening and so much more. I'm in love because face masks are one of my favourite skincare routines. (ehem, the shelf design tho, look at that GOLD MASK)

and there you go, the awkward me. 

at the grand opening event, they provided juice refreshment and also got lion dance performance. in Chinese belief, they believe that when opening a new business, lion dance is a must to do tradition to bring fortune and yeah, that was my first time watching lion dance performance with my own eyes. hahahhaha

it was an interesting experience indeed. 


sekian, ilal liqa'
see ya when i see ya


  1. cantiknya interior design dia!
    uhoo buy 2 free 1!

    1. kannn, memang cantik :D
      promo tu, berbaloi2 hehehe :3

  2. bestnyaaaa...
    aloloooo bv you looks so cute ;D

    1. best la jugak :3
      hahhahaha malu pulak kita >,,<

  3. kalau lah kat sini ada The Face Shop T_T

    1. kann, harap The Face Shop akan ada di seluruh negara :D

  4. Habislaaa. Makin galak laa BV ber shopping lepasni hahah.

    1. hahhaha memang galak dah shopping skincare kat sini :D

  5. Salah satu sebab diri ini masuk dalam segala kedai dekat dalam shopping mall adalah kerana interior design dia hehehe
    And BV you're sooo cute


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