aauucchh.. that hurts

Monday 27 January 2014

virtual peoples on the virtual world. mirror mirror of the wall, who is the prettiest person in the world? noooo ooonneee. *chinchanayooo?* korean tetiba. muahaha.

okay. done with the super crazy intro.
let me focus to what i want to talk about. *it is not actually 'talk', just to express*
lately, i feel so free although there are many assignment to think about. haha. *typical lazy*

then come to feeling.
ouucchh, it is hurt when u hurt. :3
okay, lemme explain this, i actually hurt because of him.
nayyyy, it is actually because of my own mistake. LOL.

it is funny when he got hurt because of me, and i also hurt because of myself. i hate myself when i make he feel down. and the damn thing is i don't try 'pujuk2' him. *because i donno* feeling sorry for him because having someone like me. i adore his patience. :) i like him so muchhhhhh. wakaka. this entry is not dedicate to him, but as reminder to myself, to stop hurting my love one.

muahaha. sorry for the 'jiwang' thingy.
then i always pray for u to open ur heart and change to be a better person one day. inshaALLAH. and i always support u in anything good deeds u do. always be there for u thru good and bad. :)

please don't cry while reading this entry. muahaha :3

i enjoy studying and blogging at the same time.
sorry for interrupt *ada kaitan meh*

ilal liqa'


  1. Hihihi me too hehehheh <333
    eipp eippp hurt bcs of who haaa :P heheeheh
    ameen :)

  2. hehe..jangan selalu macam tu tau. pujuk cepat2 ya.

  3. hhahaha. ' i like him so much' ?? kalau malu nak say sorry cube bagi kad or something die suke.
    then die mesti ok =) good luck

    1. wee. .malu kita. . :D
      say sorry boleh lagi.
      tapi nak buat ayat pujuk2 tu memang takpandai. :3
      thankss a lot. . :)


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