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Tuesday 14 January 2014

weee. i got my new header. no more plain. haha. may this 2014 year give me colourful colour. and i hope to be better person and wanna make everyone around me happy la. muahaha.

edit with photoscape. simple is better. :3

yeah, actually i want to write about folioooooo. ooo. that folio is for subject 'sains teknologi dan kejuruteraan dalam islam'. and our group had choose the main topic about "LASER". *then i remember the star wars movies, where there have a laser sword. wuhuhu*

this folio was assigned 3 weeks ago. and in the first week, we was like
This is still early la. no worry2 la.

in second week. 
okay, just find any information about laser. anything la. like blaaa. blaaa. *silent for a week*

the third week *last*
whooaa? already third week meh?? so fast time berlalu. very short time la. our folio still not finish yet. what to do? ohhh. what to do? *yeahh, masa tu baru fikir nak buat. kecoh maii*

last minute. hahaha~
and my team mate always like to say "macam nie tok? macam nie tok??!!" *it means : macam mana nie, macam mana nie?*. haha. funny. :3

the deadline is THIS FRIDAY.
3 day left. whooaaa. 

wish we luck okay?
ilal liqa'


  1. Gud luck for the folio... hope semua berjalan lancar ..

  2. Header baru cool *thumbs up*

    all the best.. jangan amal selalu buat kerja last minute ;)

  3. Hahahahaha suka semua ayat tu hahaha.
    First2 kemain rilek nya tengok tengok aaa macamana ni macamana ni hihihi


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