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Friday 24 January 2014

lately, i'm quite buzy. whooa. sound like a typical student life. yeah rite. too many assignment and rushing to follow the deadline. i prefer a buzy life than being alone at silence places. okay, in the last few days, i don't post any entry because of the internet connection PROBLEMS. yeahhh. it is like KATAK BAWAH TEMPURUNG. koz i really need to online to know about current issues *SKEMA haha*

today is FRIDAY. jumaat.
in the morning, we dont have any classes although i already wear the baju kurung, then suddenly i got a SMS from my fren. there is no classes this morning. and i was like "AAAHHHHHH" i already SIAP2, but need to get change because of there have gotong royong at every department.

and.. i full of bau debu.
and the poor things, my roomate got fever and i really hope that she will get well soon. inshaallah. it is really sad when gotten sick when u are faraway from home.

i got married. hahaha *okay, juz kidding* it is my habit since a long time ago. 
wearing a ring at my 'pinky promise' finger :) *right hand*

i love BROWN colour because, i juz love it walaupun i am BudakVanilla. and Vanilla is white. PURE :3
enough with all those selfie thingy :D *muka mintak lempang*

ilal liqa'


  1. akak cutee overload. love the last photo n may ur roommate get well soon^^

    1. whoaa. .jgn puji. .haha~ alhamdulillah n inshaallah. .thanks aisyah. . :)

  2. ehem ehem.. dah kahwin? hehe :p akak dulu pun ada habit pakai cincin gak, lepas tu cam malas je.. hehe

    1. haha. .akak nie . :D kekadang pun malas gak. .:3

  3. hopefully ur roommate get well soon. btw, you're so cute ;)

    1. inshallah n alhamdulillah kak. .akak pun cute. . :)


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