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Tuesday 1 November 2016

in my previous post [here], i desperately (not so) want a question. thanks for you guys who have given me some questions. so here the answers!

2. story behind your URL/Why you chose your URL
there no specific story behind my URL. the reason why i choose my URL back then because of i lack of idea. and there you go, a childish url that represented myself. budaksukavanilla, which mean a kid who love vanilla. to be honest, i not a totally big fan of vanilla. like i said earlier, because lack of idea, this name just pop up somewhere in my mind and i just go with it. then after a long time, i tried to search some vanilla's facts that seems cool to make me feel good about this url. i found some interesting facts, vanilla is actually from an orchid, vanilla icecream melts faster than other flavor of icecream, vanillin is the smell of books from vanilla and more. eventhough my url kinda childish, and had thinking hundred of time that i wanna change my URL, but  i cant, there a lot of memories behind this URL and my code name BudakVanilla.

4. what do you think when someone says 'Home'
of course i will think about my home. my cozy bed and pillows. my little paradise. the place where my family gather together. the place when i can sleep like log. XD

8. opinions/thought on Mean Girls
one of my favourite childhood movie.  revolve around popular girls and high school life. remember the Burn Book? hahahahhaha i guess everybody who love this movie definitely will remember the pink book full of badass rumours, gossips. because of this movie, i started to write a diary. HAHAHHAHA.

10.  3 turn-offs
3 biggest turn-off when eatinggggg~
first, the food not good as i expected. then i would thinking, i should not expect anything and just be grateful with it T^T.
second, someone eat my food before me, i need myself to officially taste my food first, then if i'm good enough, i'll let you eat mine XD.
third, bad hygiene and cooking style. i mean, when you found unexpected thing in your food like a 'hair'??! whattttt! and when the food smells weird (when it should be - not to smell weird)

12, screenshot of your desktop

13. screenshot of your dashboard

14. favourite fandom
usually when peoples heard/see 'fandom' word, peoples will quickly assumed and thinks of KPOP groups. and fandom is the name of certain fans of certain group. yeahh, i do listen to some of kpop groups like exo, got7, bts and the legend BigBang (i love big bang a LOT), yeah im their fans, but im not into fandom things. the only fandom i know is VIP (big bang's fan) and maybe it is my favourite fandom. hahahhaha. now im so into JPOP, JROCK and even Enka. (all because of anime thingy) HAHAHHAHA. so im a fan that not into fandom thingy. XD

16. draw something and post it
well i love foods, so i can draw some foods that i'm crave for T_____T

20. a habit you wish you didn't have
nap. i love sleeping. and i sleep a lot during day time. this become my habit a long time ago. especially when i stay in my room. plus, i really love to stay in room. so, i need a job to get rid of that. nap is good. but because of sleeping in the day make i stay awake in the night. been awake in midnight do make me like im lack of sleep and acnes starts to show up. whyyy?? 

22. experience that you will never forget
the death of someone dear to me. my dad. for the first time in my life i feel so sad and feeling lost. my dad is like a pillar that supported my family, with the lost, i feel half of my world ruined. maybe i dont talk a lot about that outside and everywhere, i want to be 'redha', i need to stay positive as i can. all because i need to stay strong for my family since im the oldest among siblings. we belong to ALLAH, and to Him we shall return :)

23. what would someone find in your bag
a wallet, a book to read while waiting something, a packet of wet tissues, an earphone, a charger, a powerbank. thats all i guess? XD i prefer sling bag. a big sling bag. cebause, i tend to put everything in my bag when i buy something. so, bigger bag might comes handy in some situation (can put some food and eating at the places that prohibited to eat? hehehehe). 

24. favourite disney character/princess
Raven Baxter from that's so Raven. i love how she talk and how confident she is. and she really funny. i miss my childhood time. XD

29. the type of person that attracts you
open-minded and wide-style of thinking. i thinks peoples who have unique personality are attractive. the person i can talk to. i love listening, so i love peoples who have a lot of story/ideas to share. :)

31. something that bother/upset/annoys you
slow internet connection, it can annoy me a long time until the internet connection recover. stomachache, i feel like dying especially when got stomachache on one time in the month. bad ending of movies/anime, this can bother me for at least a week, regretting to watch something that you really wanna watch is quite awful XD

32. embarrassing moments
a lot! but embarrassing moments are so embarrassing. so i decide not to share. i'll share another time. hahahhaha. 

34. favourite material items
since there got a 's' in the items that mean many item right? hahahhaha. i got a lot of favourite material items, i love gadgets (my handphone, laptop, and now i need new camera). i love tudungs. i love clothes. i love books. oh im so materialistic. HAHAHHA.

33. current favourite song
Sekai No Owari's song is always on my playlist. i been repeat listening to this song lately. it's their new song :) most of sekai no owari's lyrics so deep and their mv is amazing :)

35. write a letter to your followers.
dear my precious followers and readers,
thanks a lot for keep reading my blog even the contents are not good enough to be a decent reading material. hahahahhaa. sokay. feeling grateful la to those who read my blog. silent reader, you know who you are, thanks a lot for spending your precious time to read my lousy writing. for those who always leaving some comments, thanks guys, you rocks! and i love to spend time replying your comments. you guys are one of the reasons why i keep writing. without you guys, im just a psychotic-self-proclaimed-blogger. HAHAHAHHAHA. (touching enough chuoolls?? XD) sorry for my lazy handwriting. :D

36. my favourite quote
i donno if this can be assume as quote, but i really love this
"every soul will taste of death" (you can found this verse couple of time in Quran)
i been holding this 'quote' for years. and it make me realized my mistakes in certain time. 

37. what inspires you/what keeps you going each day
my typical answer will be 'because im human and i have purpose in my life'. i bet everyone have atleast one purpose of life. the things that make you need to wake up everyday, the reasons why you still alive. oh so typical kind of answer kan. but that the truth. if you dont have any reasons to live, make atleast one la you huuumannn. fish pun ada reason to live what (to keep the sea clean and to be eat by human). hahahhaha. k. BV is lame as always. sigh~

thanks a LOTTTTTSS for giving me a reason to write a post XD


  1. huwaa!!! terharu giler rasa! thanks BV ^__^

  2. Yeahh thank you for answering my question, and i agree with you there's reasons why we live today. ;)

    1. u welcome and thanks for giving me a question :)

  3. your drawing and handwriting is cute :)

    and I think the name BV suits you

    1. thanks, walaupun macam comot je XD
      wahhhhhh thanks againnnn T^T

  4. Sekai no Owari memang terbaik!
    Dari muzik dah boleh kenal dah lagunya. Hehehe

    1. wahhh layan sekai no owari jugak ke??
      memang best sebab muzik dia :3

  5. wah ktk suka bigbang juak duhal hahaha yeayyy vip!

    1. yeayyyy nang suka dari dolok2. siap hafal gk most of their song XD

  6. Biar orang nak kata url blog macam budak or anything, yang penting.. U selesa dengan ur url. :) lagipun ianya unik.

    1. betul tu sis. yg unik tu memang unik :D
      thanks tau :)

  7. we shared the similar idea of an attractive person :P ahaha

    1. wahhh seriouslyyy?? sama la kitaaa kan yeay high five :D

  8. yayyy you did it! Keep writing dear <3

  9. Replies
    1. thanksss ya. rasa macam comot2 je. hehehe :3

  10. suka tengok that kind of handwriting huaaaaa


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