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Monday 14 November 2016

i been in writer's block lately. i have a lot in my minds but the idea doesnt want to be expose. i wish i can squeeze my mind so few drops of idea can be express into good words and of course for you all to read. i wish. hahahahahha. this post gonna be rojak2 and manglish.

OGRE WHO CRIED | japanese folktale (naita aka oni | red ogre who cried)

i don't know the actual name of the folktale, but i found some called

actually, came across this folktale when watching anime (yes, BV is always obsess with anime), firstly, watched Re:Zero, Subaru told Ram about the story of Red Ogre and Blue Ogre and recently, i watched Ore Monogatari, again there a heartbreaking tale about Ogre Who Cried. this story silently bring quite an impact for me. so, lets read the folktale first.

some instrumental music. feels is the key. HAHHAHA
start the music and start reading. 


Long, long ago, lived at the foot of a mountain a red ogre very
fierce-looking, with a horn on the head and body completely red. However, his heart was kind, and his greatest desire was to live in harmony with the inhabitants of the nearby village. But these, whenever they saw him, they were afraid and fled from him, and so the red ogre felt very sad.

So, one day decided to put a sign outside your door:

But look out for placing the sign, once again, the terrified villagers fled. Red ogre began to mourn and broke the poster he had written.

At that time he appeared an equally ferocious ogre blue acquaintance of his, but that aspect was also very kind.

"Hello, red ogre, why do you break it?"

"Ay, blue ogre, had written this poster for villagers to see that I am not wicked and get along with me, but nevertheless, they are still afraid of me and run away from me whenever they see me"

"Oh yeah?" He replied the blue ogre, "Well, look, I've thought of a great idea. Come with me to the people.

"It's useless, blue ogre, villagers are stubborn and as much as you try to talk to them they will not understand whether or not you have good intentions ... surely will flee from you."

"Precisely, for that matter, when they see how good you are, be convinced and will no longer be afraid of you going to do the following:.. I go into the village pretending to be very evil and do as I will attack them then you show up for defend, hit me, and make me run. "

"Really I have to stick?"

"That is, you give me a good beating."

"I can not do something like"

"You have to do it, you'll see how you go after things better and get along with the villagers. Do you understand? Hit me really hard and you make me run."

And so did the two ogres. Blue ogre pretended to attack the villagers, and red ogre ran after him to catch him and beat him.


"You wicked ogre, as again disturb these people, you will see what is good!" Shouted the red ogre, hitting the blue ogre.

"Oh, sorry, sorry," he replied the blue ogre.

And so he continued screaming red ogre as he chased and beat the blue ogre. The villagers, seeing this, including commented admiringly, and seeing the red ogre defended them, stopped being afraid.

For the first time, the red ogre received at home to the townsfolk. Men, women, children and elderly, all they came to see him without fear, and the ogre was all very busy time, went to meet them, was served tea and sweets. The ogre was very happy because finally he got on well with the villagers.

Time passed, and one day, the red ogre remembered his friend, the blue ogre.

 what has become of my friend, I can not wait to see you ... It's because he pretended to be evil, that I now wear so well with the people of the village. You should go see him to thank him so What did"

the red ogre went to the house of his friend blue ogre in the middle of the mountain, but once there, he found that the door was locked and nailed with wood, and on it was a letter addressed to him. Reading it, ogre red eyes filled with tears.

"For red ogre: 
Now that you've finally managed to be accepted by the  villagers, if they know you're my friend, they would again be afraid of you, do not you think That's better go forever and they do not see me so you can continue on such good terms with the local people. on behalf of your friend, blue ogre. "

And, remembering his generous friend, red ogre pouring more and more tears helplessly.

source : skybyeol (youtube user)


as conclusion (rasa macam tulis karangan ahhaha)
cerita nie pasal persahabatan antara red ogre dan blue ogre. red ogre yang baik hati nak berkawan dengan manusia, tapi manusia takutkan red ogre sebab siapa la yang berani berkawan dengan raksasa kan? jadi sedihlah si red ogre nie tadi. sebab taknak kawan dia sedih blue ogre bagi satu idea. apa kata, si blue ogre serang orang kampung, dan red ogre pulak acah2 selamatkan penduduk kampung dari serangan blue ogre. tiba lah masa tu, dan red ogre berjaya berkawan dengan penduduk kampung. 

dah berkawan dengan penduduk kampung, tetiba si red ogre teringat dengan blue ogre. pastu, dia pergi la ke rumah blue ogre, tengok2, blue ogre takdak dekat rumah, red ogre ternampak sepucuk surat ditulis oleh blue ogre ditujukan khas untuk red ogre. dalam surat tu, blue ogre pergi jauh dari red ogre sebab red ogre dah diterima penduduk kampung, so kalau berkawan dengan blue ogre mesti penduduk kampung akan takut. maka menangis lah red ogre dengan pemergian kawannya blue ogre itu. habis~

ada beberapa perkara la yang dapat dari cerita nie. 
pengorbanan seorang sahabat. benda nie paling touching. part blue ogre sanggup berkorban dipandang hina oleh penduduk kampung asalkan sahabatnya red ogre diterima. what the fish???!

another side of story, aku rasa both of the ogre are just so lame and idiot (sorry) HAHHAHA 💔
why blue ogre sacrificing their bond just for satisfying what red ogre want
why red ogre dare to take the idea without thinking the consequence to blue ogre
why can they just be friends forever WHY oh WHY??

im not hating the story, but why so damn sad. but sokay la, i did quite a good ending (fanfiction like that) to satisfied myself. wakakaka. 💖

ala folktale je kot. tu pun nak kecoh?
well, folktale pun bawak impak kot.

sebenarnya, aku jeles tahap tapir dengan persahabatan begitu. sangat akrab sampai sanggup berkorban. so, korang ada tak sahabat yang sanggup berkorban untuk korang?

i wish i got a friend like ao oni (blue ogre) 💪
and now everyone hugs each others! 😆

recommended anime | ore monogatari
i have so much fun watching (laughing and screaming at my laptop like crazy and screeching like rat when sweet scenes)

p/s : i just discover now we can put emojis in blogpost as there already include some new tools in post editor. greattt aitee??? 👍

sore ja,
matta ne~


  1. haii sis BV! haritu masa tengok Re:Zero ni ada ckp pasal folktale ni tapi taktau la pulak for Japanese people mmg betul2 ada hahahaha

    1. hai too! kannn, BV pun taksangka wujud. macam menarik je kan. lepas tengok ore monogatari memang konfem dah wujud sebab dua anime dah ada cerita pasal nie :)

  2. nice one babe :D

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  3. kawan yang sejati sukar dicari...... =( semoga blue ogre juga bertemu kebahagian dalam hidup dia

    1. memang susah cari kawan sejati :)
      maybe blue ogre gembira dah dgn keputusan dia :3

  4. Sedihnya, kalau ada kawan mcm Blue Ogre tanak kawan ngan manusia lain dah. HAHAHA

    1. kannnn. kalau la dapat kawan ngan blue ogre XD hahahhaa

  5. nak jadi akrab tu susah tau dgn someone. tp once dah jadi tu. memang rasa bertuah. kawan sejati mmg susah nak cari.

    1. betul tu. susah nak akrab dgn someone, susah dicari pulak kawan sejati. :)

  6. hi. shaf lama tak layan anime ni dulu biase gak layan. btw, betul blog dah ade emojis la comel je 😊

    1. hi jugak shaf :D
      BV memang suka layan anime. hahahhaa, kan suka tengok dah ada emojis la :3


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