Wednesday 29 March 2017

hello, the people of the virtual world. last Friday, I've finally received the OWLCRATE box for March edition! I'm seriously excited to unbox everything. thanks to CLAUDY for the chance, for some who don't know how I got the box, I won them from a giveaway by Claudy.

actually, I'm quite frustrated because I've already wrote some of the contents in this post and done uploading photos, then I accidently deleted all things in the posts and now I'm writing this thing again and sighing about how careless I am.

its okay because I'm still hyped to show what I got from OWLCRATE.
this post is not a sponsored post. I write what I like.
first, sorry for my humble flat lay and some ugly pictures by my humble phone. HAHAHA

for this month, which is in March, the theme is Sailors, Ships, and Seas. the theme, of course, reminds me of the pirates (sailors), pirates' ships (ships) and seas where the mermaid lives.

this was how the box looks like when it first arrived on my doorstep. gladly the OWLCRATE box arrived in perfect condition even without some plastic wrapper because the box is what you really get. the box was perfectly sealed by tapes. and I just need to cut the tapes and tadaa open the box happily.

the first thing I saw in the box. a card of explanations and spoiler about what in the box. yeah, read some and proceed unboxing!

what in the box?

🌱 Compass Pendant Necklace designed by OwlCrate and produced by The Geeky Cauldron
i personally love this pendant necklace because of the vintage look.

🌱 Washi Tape by Simply Gilded
great! new washi tape for my planner. in love with the scales-like patterns and it is purple!

🌱 OwlCrate Button Badge
the button badge of owl dressed as a pirate. pretty cute to me.

🌱 Octopus Notepad by Boygirlparty
yay! who can say NO to cute octopus? and it is a notepad. which i really need.

🌱 Tea Towel from Kitch Studios
totally in love with the quote on this towel 'a ship is always safe at shore but that is not what it's built for', i plan to hang this on my wall in bedroom.

yeahhh! the main item in the OwlCrate!
Daughter of the Pirate King (hardcover)
I really amazed because the first time I saw this book cover, its do remind me of Pirates of Caribbean (movies that I never get bored to watch), and then, I've read the words above the title, 'Lady Jack Sparrow', oh I knew it! hahahhaa. they even put Captain Jack Sparrow's quote on the page which I'm find it quite funny and intriguing. can't wait to read!!

totally my favourite genre - romance, fantasy, humour and action. will review soon once i finish reading. 

letter from the writer, signed bookplate. ahh I'm honoured.

theme reveal card - April box theme : Head over Heels looks pretty good.
it's gonna be sweets and girly things. i guess. 

as a conclusion, I love all things that I received. although I still feel that the best box of OwlCrate so far is the one on February 2017, read a post from Claudy, February 2017 Owlcrate.

after all, March is always my favourite month of the year because it is the month of my birthday. LOL. I love the idea of monthly subscription box of books and items which relate to certain theme. I'd subscribe every month if I've the chance, but the price is definitely not in my league (LOL). the shipping cost is quite expensive. 

thanks again!

does Malaysia have their own kind of subscription box for books?
do you prefer buying books online or at physical bookstores?

see ya when i see ya lah
ilal liqa'


  1. Wahhhhh congratulations for winning the giveaway.
    You're sooo lucky because you get things that you like! hehehe.

    1. thanksss, alhamdulillah im so lucky. heheeh :D

  2. Wah, bestnyaaa, lawa la 😭😭 tahniah sis BV😊

  3. Idk if they got it in Msia, heck if not due to some book blogger I come to know these few month, I wouldnt even know there is such thing. Personally, I'd prefer physical ones unless if I already knew the books and there is some crazy sale online. I love that movie toooooo. Totally digging the pendant as well.

    1. yeah, me too, i just got to know some subscription box for books. :D i'd prefer both, if i want some books i couldnt find in bookstores, so i buy online. hahahah :) ikr <3

  4. saya suka pergi physical bookstore sebab dapat hidu bau buku. hahaha

    1. samalah ngan BV, suka jugak pergi physical bookstore, dapat physical contact ngan buku kan. hahhahaha

  5. That book looks awesome and it makes me feel like watching Pirate of The Caribbean (which I never had the chance to!) Btw, Malaysia do have their own kind of subscription box but I can't recalled what its name is. Meh.

    I prefer both! Sometimes I'm just so lazy to go to bookstores ._. sebab nanti ada benda lain yang TERbeli jugak :')

    1. surprisingly, reading the book remind me a lot of POTC, some scenes do feel similar and familiar XD

      i come across the subscription box for malaysia lately - the ig - bookish bundle or something like that :D

      yeahhh, me too. exactly, mesti ada benda tersangkut nak beli jugak. hahhaha

  6. OMG OMG OMG I've heard a lot about Owlcrate and only God knows how hard I'm holding back from subscribing to Owlcrate Y_Y And all of these things are so adorable.
    I really hope that Malaysia have their own subscription for book, it would mean so much to me.

    1. i know that feeling so well. hahahhaa.
      they have it, checkout the ig bookish bundle or something like that, they have subscription box for books with themes and based in malaysia :)

  7. Siqah pun baca pasal ni kat blog Claudy. Hii. Tapi tak pernah subsribe lagi. Menarik juga semua barang eh. Yang penting BV puas hati :D

    Siqah beli buku both di online dan juga bookstores. Beli online lagi okay kot sebab beli yang kita nak je. Kalau pergi physical bookstores, daripada nak beli satu, boleh jadi dua tiga empat. hahaha.

    1. kann, kira puas hati semua dengan barang2 yg diterima. boleh la subscribe kalau menarik perhatian kan :D

      sama jugak, BV pun suka both. betul tu, kekadang target 1 je, keluar dari bookstore terbeli beberapa yg lain lak. hahahha faham sangat XD

  8. Replies
    1. memang best, excited giler bila dapat buku nie :D

  9. Replies
    1. memang menarik, happy sangat dapat owlcrate box nie :D

  10. Wahhh, I love free gift! And the moment of unboxing the gift is very valuable.

    I love buying books at bookstore more. But nowadays I bought books online several times because I'm too lazy to go out.

  11. pendant ya kmk suka tengok! unikkk hihihi.

  12. bestnyaa omg the contents semua best and cantikk especially the pendant necklace! nanti buku tu buatla review ye BV, nampak menarik!

  13. nak subscribe but I'm confused between fairloot and owlcrate. pening because I can only buy one because the shipping price is just too much

  14. OMG BV, u're so lucky!!! Congratulations, jeles sehhh,hahaha. Menarik pula next theme tu, tapi tu la ongkosnya mahal,haha.

    Mai prefer beli kat bookstore, tapi kalau online lebih murah (mcm FIXI) so beli online aje ler.ehehe.

  15. Nadia suka beli buku both online and physical store . Tapi lagi suka dkt physical store kot boleh peganh and bai kedai buku wangi. Hihi

  16. cantik2, comel2. tahniah BV :D

  17. Bestnyaaaa dapat a box full of surprises! Huhu.. Nanti share okeyyyy review buku tu! 😁
    And oh! I prefer physical bookstores and boleh berlama-lama kat dalam tu bergelumang dengan buku haha.. ✌

  18. Glad that you love the box. When I saw other subscriber of Owlcrate post it on IG before you get your box, I knew that you ganna like this box because there's pendant necklace, washi tape and the notebook. :D it's a shame tho that we couldn't subscribe it every month because of the price. I wanted to do a giveaway like this but i spent way too much money this month haha.

  19. BV congrats. Heheh. yeah malaysia also have subscription book crate. As far that I know you can find them on instagram @bookishbundle and also @wonderbookcrate. both of it based in malaysia and they actually focus on YA books. :D


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