65eday | things you SHOULD KNOW about ezbuy Malaysia

Monday 5 June 2017

who love online shopping? I'm definitely one of the ONLINE SHOPPING maniacs. LOL, because i wish to buy everything online. it is easier that way, and when the parcel reaches your doorstep, it feels like you got a gift for yourself. i always feel excited to wait for my parcel to arrive. also when the time to unbox or unwrap my parcel. such an exciting moments. hahahha

okay, enough with the intro. 
let's get to the point.
65eday | things you SHOULD KNOW about ezbuy Malaysia

who still does not know ezbuy Malaysia? ezbuy Malaysia is an online shopping platform. ezbuy provides shopping services from China, Taiwan, USA (and more) for THE ONLINE SHOPPERs in MALAYSIA and more. 

65eday special deals! arghh my eyes. hahahha


🌏 Shop from Malaysia, China, USA and Taiwan Sellers

🌏 Discounts, up to 90% off (get ready your CARTS online shoppers!)

🌏 Over 20 Millions Products on Sale, including Fashion Specials, Lifestyle Essentials, and ezbuy's Best Sellers.

🌏 Exclusive Flash Deals at GREAT DISCOUNTS, changed daily from 31st May, 12 noon till 5th June. 

🌏 Friends Deal, Share and Shop with love ones and enjoy WHOLESALE PRICES over 300 Items Together (daily update, grabs some deal together with your families and friends, you will get cheaper prices and family bonding times while unwrapping the parcel. wehehehe)

🌏 Deal of The DAY section, a great daily deals for everyone. (okays, let's check ezbuy everyday, wehehe)

🌏 Top Brands with DISCOUNTS :-  Sony, Tefal, canon, Casio, Daniel Wellington.Omron, Western Digital, Samsung, Viewsonic, Pineng, Sonicgear, Olive Burton, Kellogs, lifebuoy, Dettol, Johnson Baby, Kinohimitsu, Brands, Durex, Scholl, Avent. (your favourite brands listed? MAKESURE TO CHECK THEM OUT)

this banner caught my eyes because i really love free shipping. as online shopper, free shipping is a bless.

Exclusive to Follower
Download ezbuy APP and scan to Get RM15 FREE VOUCHER.

ezbuy app are available on google plays and Apple Store. 

hey, what to wait?!! let's do some shopping now for Eid Fitr or else. don't miss the chance and regret. hahahha 31st May till 5th June. come on. 


see ya when i see ya lah.
ilal liqa' 


  1. haha samalah akak pun gila online shopping jugak, mudah dan cepat ;) tak pernah beli lagi kat sini

    1. BV pernah beli kat sini. memang suka jugak sebab banyak barang murah. hehehe

  2. bagus ni free shipping above 60. selalu kalau tmpt lain beli 100 keatas baru dpt free shipping :D

    1. kaannn, rasa nak shopping je bila tengok free shipping tu :D

  3. memang kebetulan kita tengah nak beli barang dekat ezbuy! terbaca pulak blog awak :D

    1. wahhh bestnyaaa shopping kat ezbuy, nak join shopping sekali la. hehhee :D

  4. I haven't try this yet. Anyways, thank you. might be used someday. haha.

    1. yeahhh no prob, satu hari nanti nak shopping boleh pergi website nie :D


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