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Saturday 10 June 2017

i should publish this post right after the end of May, but too lazy to write and i already wrote some of the precious events of my life in this blog. cewahhh. cover eh. so, this post just to reminisce some of the life events that happened in MAY. and some of my favorite too. 

i bought too much stationery this month. hahhahahaha. bought this dotted paper notebook to start bullet journaling. sadly this kind of book hardly found in my area so i ordered this thru a personal shopper in KL. gladly she found my fave color of this notebook. i don't know where to start. hahhaha

and bought some washi tapes. already have a blog post about this

my new year AZAM to save money FAILED. 

more colored pens. hahhahaa
a type that goes crazy whenever in a stationeries stores or mr DIY. ME.
can't resist the desire to buy stationery and cute things T^T

craving for some chocolate donuts.


movie - watched POTC at a cinema. so basically one of my fav movies of the month. done review here 

anime - KOE NO KATACHI (silent voice). i already read the manga before, so i really excited to watch this anime with high expectation, and yeah, this anime reached my expectation. i love the cinematography, art style, OST, plots. oh ya, some plots in the manga don't exist in anime. but everything looks fine and acceptable. i will do some review soon. (i wish)

music - addicted to k-indie kinds of music on youtube.

kshow/kdrama - watched VAMPIRE DETECTIVE kdrama, but i don't feel satisfied enough with the plots. i prefer VAMPIRE PROSECUTOR. and for kshow, i still watch runningman, just my thought of some of the latest RM episode. it feels kind of draggy. 6 episodes of same themes and goals. but i'm still excited for the last episode of RM global projects.

umm, thats all for now. hahahhahaha
seeeeeeeee, how lazy i am for these days.

happy fasting <3

see ya when i see ya lah.


  1. wahh anime tu. nak try tengok juga la. hehe

    1. boleh layan lepas nie, sebab memang best jugak :D

  2. The new runningman project is draggy..! But I love the new member as they brought some fresh vibes.. And somehow, my bias (KJK) is getting hotter and hotter.. ._.

    1. yess, agreed. i personally love so min bcs she so funny XD
      kinda notice that KJK is looking good in these eps of RM :D

  3. header baru ehh? cantikkkkk.

    haha, if I update berjela movie je lahhhh. All the best starting bujo life! I give up kot.

    // afifahaddnan

    1. yesss, thankssssss :D

      takpe, atleast ada update kan. hehhehe :3 havent started yet, hahahah XD

  4. Haha one thing for sure that you bought it on your own money , well at least you spend it for your own good ( I guess ). Btw I'm an anime lover , so I'mlooking forward for the movie as well and about korean drama there is one korean drama that I folowed which is called "TUNNEL" Fiction drama may I presumed. Prolly vcs the guy came from the past n he heas somekind of related to "murder case" but yet it's still watchable drama . If you nvr heard it well this drama, I recommended fully 100% trust of enjoyable(killing some time)from ----- Syamsid Blog -

    1. yeahhh, but sometimes, i just spend too much on stationery. LOL
      me too, one of the anime lover out there. thanks for the korean drama recommendation, i gonna check them out bcs i'm into mystery kind of kdrama. thanksssss :D

  5. Sep sikit BV!! Azam nak save money for Siqah pun failed jugak!! Adoii


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