my mind lately

Monday 12 June 2017

i am a type that usually bottled up my feeling. my mind is a mess. i keep confusing myself with all those thoughts that crossing my mind lately. thought like why am i like this? am i depress? stress? sad? yes, all combine and hit me in the heart at night or when i'm doing nothing. for now, i'm basically doing nothing. so i got a lot of thoughts that i never thought i will thoughts. ahaks.

and these words are some of the ways how i tried to chill myself.
sometimes it works, sometimes tears works. sometimes a time just passed.

"i'm tired, but life mean to be tiring for some people"

"be positive, because life is too short to be negative all along the ways"

"have a faith"

"be happy and grateful, there are more unfortunate people, you're lucky enough"

"Sometimes, there are people who want to be in your shoes"

"be cool"

"it's okay to cry. but not always"

like i said, i'm great at convincing myself. LOL
i want to talk to people but my heart and mind don't let me.
yes, that kind of people exist. it's me. hahahha

don't ask if i'm okay if i have gloomy mood around. i'll always tell a lie.
just be you and lemme open myself to you (if i really have too). hahahahhaa

different people have a different way to express something. and this is my way.

so, whats yours?

see ya when i see ya lah. 


  1. feel ya bv! every time i think to be open up with people...suddenly rasa macam minda dan hati berbalah.
    "jangan bagitau orang...kelak merana....mereka girang.." hahahah
    okay dah....i will wrote it on my lovely lappy and my precious note book :)
    insyaAllah, semuanya seakan hilang dalam aksara itu...kadang ter-'up' dekat blog..hahahahhaha

    1. yeahhh, sama la. selalu tulis dalam lappy dan note book je. memang kadang2 je ter up kat blog kan, macam apa yg BV buat kat post nie. wahhahaha :D

      inshaALLAH. lets be strong. yeahhh. hehehhe

  2. BV ... cheer up please !!!! <3

    Nadia pun lately mcm nie jugak . But , more to people doing or talk bad about me and my family . It's really hurt but sometimes I keep on wondering " why suddenly they being like that? " " kitaorang ada buat salah apa ? " .

    What to do , people change kan . So , all the quote yg BV share nie pun bgus utk Nadia to cheer up and be strong .

    Be strong BV !!! <3

    1. awww thankssss <3

      kannn, semua orang ada masa down masing2. betul tu, kalau jadi kat family BV pun mesti rasa macma tu jugak, everything change kan T^T

      alhamdulillah. kekadang quote nie memang buat BV sedar kekadang. hahahhaa

      be strong tooo. yeahhhh :D

  3. BV bulan puasa ni cheer up sikit!! Jangan asyik down je. Take things positively OK 👌 😎

    1. awww thankssss <3 dah cheer up dah. hehehehehe :D

  4. la tahzan. Allah is with you. :)

  5. Dont be sad BV. But that is true. Sometimes we dont want anyone else know about us, about our problem. Im just like you, I prefer not to share. I can handle it well. Heheh

    1. hahhaha, sama je perangai kita. :D
      dah okay dah sebenarnya, sebab memang pandai pujuk diri kan. :3
      thanksssss <3

  6. Cheer Up baby.. Cheer Up baby..Hihi.

    kadang2 rasa down ada juga kan. Masa down begitu kalau baca quote camni memang boleh memberi semangat dalam diri.
    Be positive and stay strong BV <3


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