Althea | Ramadan and Raya SPECIALS

Saturday 3 June 2017

hello, earthlings! today I'm gonna share some good news for makeup and skincare enthusiasts especially those who loved korean products which shipped directly from Korea. yeahhhh. I'll keep this blog post short and simple since everyone like quick reading. hehehe. I really need to share some good things with my dearest virtual friends. for those who still does not know what is ALTHEA, read this old blog post of mine --> ALTHEA

short intro about Althea
🌸 an online shopping website for makeup and skincare enthusiasts
🌸 100% guarantee original korean products which shipped directly from KOREA
🌸 FREE SHIPPING for orders above RM99
🌸 Best Price

let's get started,

althea promo, althea korea website
what so specials about ALTHEA in this RAMADAN and upcoming RAYA?

limited edition ramadan box althea

Limited Edition Ramadan Box

purchase within this month of RAMADAN, you'll get the special and limited edition of RAMADAN BOX. look at that soothing colors. even some boxes can make me happy. for boxes collectors, this box surely will make you feel specials and grateful. 

NEXT, something that will make every makeup and skincare lover HAPPY. 

althea raya giveaway festival
the MVP of the post.

Raya Giveaway Festival

pick a FREE GIFT for yourself while purchasing. pick from Raya Giveaway Festival page which filled with some makeup or skincare goodies. yeah, that's right, purchase some products and you got a chance to pick any one of the goodies. 

althea korea
some goodies from RAYA GIVEAWAY FESTIVAL page. yeah, this is just some of the goodies, make sure to check it out on Raya Giveaway Festival on Althea website. you can pick one and the item will be discounted at checkout. 


so girls, what are you waiting for?
this is a great chance to purchase some makeup and skincare for upcoming RAYA.
be pretty and confident in this Eid Fitr. yeahhh. 

I want to be pretty too, let's shopping. whehee

RM20 off for your first order

see ya when i see ya lah.
ilal liqa'


  1. i love korean skincare, but I dont wear make up so.. uhuhu

    1. BV pun tak pakai make up sangat. suka korean skincare jugak. hehehe :D

  2. Suka dengan warna kotak Althea. Pastel colors 😍

    1. memang suka jugak dengan kotak2 althea nie, sebab special kalau ada perayaan ke apa :D

  3. sapa sapa yg minat kena cepat cepat grab kalau taknak habis, boleh buat make up raya ;)

    1. betul tu, BV suka skincare, kena cepat2 grab jugak dapat jaga kulit sebelum raya. heehhe :D

  4. Their boxes always sold out too fast... Geram kdng2.. haha

    1. kannn, sebab limited edition dan banyak fans althea nie sebenarnya. kena la beli cepat2 kalau nak :D

  5. aww thank u for sharing BV <33333

  6. Dah order dah semalam. order banyak sebab nak kotak tu. Hahaha. Sebab kalau order barang kecik, we still get the air buble wrap. Btw, I pick the holika holika as freegift. Excited!

    1. yeahhh, bagus la order banyak2. harap dapat la kotak limited edition tu kan. betul jugak tu, wahhh holika2 yg macam kat gambar tu ke? BV tumpang excited jugak. weehhehe :D

  7. waaa baru je beli harituu. nak kena beli sekali lagi ke ni hahahaha
    box tu serious lawaaa >< siap ada free gift lagi tu

    1. beli la lagi, kali nie share beli ramai2 ngan family. boleh jimat kan. dapat jugak box limited edition ngan free gift tu. hahahaha :D


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