Monday 28 May 2012

assalamualaikum. .
what do u think about people who wearing hijab or jilbab (in indonesian). It quite stylish right? somehow for nowadays many hijab that reveals aurat. In Islam itself aurat of muslim women should be cover follow the syariat. .(Ya Allah, oh my english, ignore my english, that just an intro. .)

i try so hard to write in english. .haha. .u know what i mean right? Hijab should cover woman's hairs, chest and so on. Wearing Hijab is not to look cute, vogue. gorgeous or something like that but it is to please almighty ALLAH SWT. We as women like to have a good appearance and wanna be look as a stylish women. .but as Muslim women we should know how to cover aurat in the best ways that follows the syariat in Islam. .Go GO Muslimah. .syukran. .

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