common sense

Thursday 12 December 2013

when it comes to love. everything is common sense. i love my family, friends and everyone. i try a lot not to hurt any of them, unless they should deserve it, haha.

i really2 try not to hurt them because when i die soon, i will be known as a good person and they will remember me and forget me well. when u become a bad person, they will remember ur mistake and never forget ur wrongs *maybe forever*. peoples easily remembers bad things than deeds. it is common sense.

when i starts to love someone, i really in that love. yeah, im family girl *my family is more than anything*. i also love to have friends. easy to laugh is one of my personality. i love friends who always make me laugh and make my day.

im quite friendly to my friends which are girls because i am a girl. haha. and awkward with boys. i really awkward when talking to them even if they are friendly. it is common sense.

then, when talking about someone special, i always think that he is my happiness. although he living far away from me, it is a benefit in our relationship. alhamdulillah. i hope i'll never betray our promises and be loyal. being loyal make me feel safer and comfortable in my journey of being a student in poli. :)

it is common sense when u love everyone who sincere love u.

ilal liqa' 

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  1. it's true! be nice to people and they will treat us well. bad thing spreads 10x faster than good things. so, beware in anything we done.


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