water problem

Friday 13 December 2013

from now,  we at polteknik mukah and all mukah regions have water problems. that mean NO WATER in one whole weeks. what the heck?!. luckily, our hostel in every blocks consists the 'tangki air' to take a bath and do our routine as usual. THIS IS NOT USUAL.

i hate it when i need to keep water and take a pail of water to the toilet. really hate it when i need to take a bath in front the 'tangki air' and the others girls are watching and waiting for theirs turn. STUPIDOS, it really awkward.

with some regions of Malaysia having floods *which they getting more water* #PrayForThem, we here no floods and NO WATER. but alhamdulillah. it is only for one weeks. hopefully this problems will end soon.

y u no water??

no water? keep ur hygiene okay.

ilal liqa'


  1. no water? i understand how stressed you're..be patient ok..just only one week..*but i know it's hard okey living without water!:P

  2. sabar ya. hope everything went well and the situation will back to normal soon

  3. pity u..
    having no water is also as bad as the flood. U have too much water. hihi.
    drop by here dear

  4. sabar ye.. sejak kebelakangan ni , memang selalu kena..


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