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Thursday 12 December 2013

i just ate a beef burger and drinks a plain water last night, in morning, a cup of milo and milo again.

yesterday was totally a tired day for me as one of squashy club's member. in afternoon, my friend and i likely to attend squash club's meeting which they told us, it actually start at 3.00 pm. and at the 2.40 pm, we reached Pusat Sukan *Sport Center*.

suprisingly, lecturers already there and we who were late been punished. my friend and i who were late for 20 minutes, was being asked to jog or run around in the sport center for 20 times. LOL. i really tired and almost 'muntah' because i drank coke before that.... muahaha.

at 5.50 am, wakeup with all aches.

and this morning, i have a Digital Media's class and we learn about photoshop cs3. yess! i totally like it. BUT, the problem and annoying things was the computer at the lab which i choose before currently operating very slow again and again when i opened photoshop. we being asked to do lab exercise but when it turn to me, i currently do nothing. NOTHING!!!

This what i really want to do at that time. *THROWING COMPUTER AWAY*

so, that all. 
ilal liqa'


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