Saturday 28 December 2013

i want to talk about cooking. do you know cooking? haha. i am bad at cooking something. the first thing i learn to cook with my grandmother is telur rebus bersos. yeah. thats my favourite so i learn how to cook it. it is simple. :)

actually i love cooking. just not enough space and no money to buy the ingredients. hee. i love to look for recipe. love to watch any "food related program" in television. yeah, i really enjoy 'menelan air liur' and get some cooking tips when watching.

i really loves foods based on sambal or sos. tekak orang malaysia biasa la. hehe. i also like to create new recipe. when cooking mood come, i would take any ingredients and make it into simple dish. then people will known it as 'makanan orang bujang' haha.

i still remember the day i create sosej mix with telur. really easy and simple. i make it in the a little big portion then i couldn't eat it all. i put under the 'tudung saji'. then when my father came home and wanna eat, he ate anythings and he said that my sosej with telur DELICIOUS. woooo. terharu. after that, he asked my mothers to cook sosej with telur when hungry in the midnight. haha~

i really want to bake cupcakes. just want to decorate the toppings. LOL. by the way, cupcakes is the cute way to express your feeling towards foods. haha. *what the heck i am saying bout*

it is funny when someone pushed you to learn about cooking.
funnier when the person know you does not know how to cook.
funniest when the reality you still can cook but not a pro just an amateur.

but we can still learn right?
am i RIGHT guys? *shouldn't i say girlss? LOL

ilal liqa'


  1. Well, at least you never stop learning how to cook. hehe. cooking isn't all about how beautiful or neat it looks after cooked, nor about the ingredients.. 'Cause the best food comes from our sincerity and love. hamboi! :D heheh! Happy cooking...

  2. tgah lapar ni =) heheee. selamat pagi dear . klik nuffnang

  3. Kita unn , tgh blajarr :3

  4. Saya tak pandai masak. And I hate it. Makan beli kedai je lah. Janji ada duit. hahaha

  5. hahaha me too.
    bad in cooking but good in taste hahaha

  6. Belajar memasak ni penting sebenarnya. Tambah-tambah pada waktu kecemasan.

    Saya ni, kalau nak masak macam sambal tumis ke, kari ikan ke, still bole la jugak. Especially, time wife tengah busy jaga anak.


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